Greece: a photo story


Creating the blue to the white of the Grecian flag are plates of stuffed grape leave dolmathes and traditional kebabs of skewered chicken or lamb, peppers and onion, roasted until blackened over an open-flame grill. A side of Greek salad and grilled octopus salad cools down the meal with a sweet, tangy salt.

And we’d never forget the wine.


The main course is preceded by a savory babaganoush served with lightly golden pita slices, native olives, a chunk of salty feta and classic tin of sardines that gives rival to the Mediterranean spray.

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I was inspired to create and photograph this story working with food stylist Sean Dooley. This collaboration has been amazing and helped us both reach new levels of creativity.


Arriving in Greece, your eye is immediately drawn to the sea, ranging in spectrum from crystalline to a deep, spellbinding azure.

Inhaling the refreshing salt in the air serves as an appetizer for the time-tested dishes the Greeks line their tables with meal after meal.

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Natural, sweet honey is an important way to round off a meal, both oozing from the comb and inside a traditional flaky piece of baklava. A splash of fresh brewed, bitter coffee signals to the taste buds another meal is over as a warm content washes in.

Michelle Fidman